My Story

I’ve been described as the “Mastermind” behind investment property sales on the Gold Coast.  You see, back in the ’80s, I created the paradigm which now accounts for an estimated 80% of investment property sales in Australia.

I have certainly been around the circuit, having had a head-on collision at the age of 18, taking on the ACCC in the Federal Courts and I’ve even had a precedent in Financial Services Law created in my honour.

Back in the day my team and I helped over 5,000 people to buy investment properties worth around $750 Million in total. Today those properties are worth over $2 billion. Our company pioneered systems and techniques which allowed 200 people to buy properties every month. But, after a long drawn-out Court battle, and despite winning the case on all charges, I lost it all.
I’ve made mistakes and stuffed up a lot of things, but I believe adversity is a gift (which I can only acknowledge now) and after all the stress, bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts, as well as divorce – I feel lucky to be alive and better for it.

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